Lesbian Visibility Day

April 26 is Lesbian Visibility Day. Let’s celebrate lesbians.

We’re here, we’re lesbians, fuck off we don’t suck dick. Yep, that sounds like a celebration to me.

Now let’s talk about the awesome lesbians we admire. I’ve always loved Mary Daly’s works, especially Gyn/Ecology. Sooo glad I came across her and read her as a young lesbian.

Who do my lesbian followers love?



6 thoughts on “Lesbian Visibility Day

  1. Not a lesbian, but I would bring vulva-shaped cupcakes to the celebration 🙂

  2. Mary Sunshine says:

    I love Julia Penelope. ❤

  3. Widdershins says:

    I remember Gyn/ecology setting just about every woman I knew on fire, not just the lesbians … but mostly the lesbians. 😀

    • weirdward says:

      I think of it as my lesbian bible, haha. It’s really incredible that Daly was able to analyse and theorise so much about women’s lives at such an early stage in the 2nd wave. It really angers me how much lesbian feminist authors’ works get erased … Young women need these books now more than ever.

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