Is There Any Other Group that Refuses to Date within Their Own Community?

I don’t know if this analogy will help people to further realise the offensiveness of the transgender campaign to enforce the widespread corrective rape of lesbians (and occasionally a few gay men), but since it was something I came up with I thought, hell, why not, I’ll share it.

Trans people are very invested in trying to force people outside the trans community to date them, particularly transwomen who insist that lesbians have to validate them and fuck them or whatever. Of course transwomen never seem to want to date other transwomen, a point which feminists have brought up many times in relation to this issue. And the reason why is obvious – because transwomen are men, and they don’t want to date another man, they want to date a woman. And they believe they are entitled to that, even though they say lesbians are not entitled to also have our own sexuality and our own choices, of course.

But to illustrate the bizarreness of this, I was trying to think of any other group of people, no matter how big or small, who categorically refuse to date from within their own community, whilst also demanding that members of other communities date them.

And I really could not come up with a single example.

Gays and lesbians do not refuse to date other gay and lesbian people and go onto heterosexual dating sites expecting to find a straight person who will convert to a homosexual attraction for them.

German people do not refuse to date all other German people and instead go looking for partners who are exclusively French, and then demand that the French person must date them, perhaps even uproot their life and relocate to Germany etc., or they hate all Germans.

Christian people who want to find a Christian partner do not refuse to join Christian dating sites and instead sign up to Muslim dating sites and expect to find a Muslim who will convert to Christianity for them because they’re a nice person and the Muslim is being closed-minded if they don’t.

I’m not saying that people who come from different communities or who have different ethnicities etc. can’t or shouldn’t date each other, let’s be very clear about that, I’m just saying, I can’t think of any group out there who starts from a position of ruling out members of their own community as potential partners and instead fixates on some other group and expects the members of that other group to change their own identity in order to date them.

Saying but trans are such a tiny percentage of the population! Doesn’t really cut it. Gays and lesbians are a tiny percentage of the population too. Dating in small towns or rural areas is often challenging for gay and lesbian people. They still don’t expect straight people to date them on the grounds that otherwise their choices are too limited.

Of course there’s the perennial favourite: ‘transwomen are women, there’s no difference, how dare you suggest there is, that’s exactly like being a racist and saying Black women aren’t real women!’

But that is a lie. Transwomen have male bodies, that may or may not have undergone some degree of cosmetic surgery. That is not the same as being biologically female. Trying to bully someone into believing a lie and then punishing them if they don’t is evidence of being an abusive asshole, not evidence of giving a fuck about the rights of oppressed people.

If transwomen really believed that – If they believed transwomen were women, they would have no trouble dating other transwomen. But the numbers of them who do are vanishingly small. And there are no campaigns from within the trans movement that are all about teaching transpeople to learn to find other transpeople attractive, and to undo the ‘cis-normative’ ideas of attraction they have internalised. All of those types of campaigns are directed at lesbians. It is always seen as the responsibility of some other group to take care of transrights and transfeelings and most importantly, transdicks.

Just say no, dykes. Seriously. Find your fucking pride and say no to all this shit.