What happened to lesbians in Nazi Germany? All you need to know is that it wasn’t as bad as what happened to men


This article has some interesting (and horrible) information in it about how lesbians were treated in Nazi Germany, and also some shocking internalised misogyny on the part of the writer, which says so much about how far we still have to go in terms of recognising the torture of women as being actual torture.

The author writes, “Stories from women’s camps, while not as violent as the men’s, highlight one way the Nazis tried to reform lesbian internees.”

So what is she talking about that happened to women, and specifically lesbians, that wasn’t as bad as what happened to men? Specifically, this:

“The Nazis used the brothels to ‘convert’ lesbians back to heterosexuality – but the women’s lives came with a ‘use by’ date, after which most of them were killed. The average span, and often life expectancy, for a woman to work in forced prostitution in one of the camps was six months.”

So the writer is talking about forced prostitution and repeated corrective rape so violent that many women died, or were killed, within six months.

And that is not as bad as what happened to men. Because…Women aren’t human, I guess? And deserve to be raped to death by men? Like, what else do we exist for? This writer is behaving in such a way that violence against women and lesbians is normalised and erased, even though talking about those abuses is meant to be the point of the article. It is inexcusable. It’s also utterly self-defeating.

Gay men eventually got their memorial and their apology and the ability to claim compensation for what happened during the Nazi era, and I entirely support that. I wonder if anyone has bothered to erect a memorial to all those lesbians (and no doubt many other women) who were repeatedly raped and murdered in concentration camps? I wonder if that’s a cause gay men would help lesbians fight for? I think we all know the answer.

2 thoughts on “What happened to lesbians in Nazi Germany? All you need to know is that it wasn’t as bad as what happened to men

  1. Pumpkin Mary says:

    You’ve raised some really good points. The female experience during the Shoah is one that is often overlooked and the experiences of lesbians during the Shoah is so seldom mentioned. As someone with family who had survived the Holocaust, it pains and infuriates me to see the increasing amounts of sympathy towards the oppressive forces and agents and the erasure of women’s unique suffering under Nazi/Soviet rule.

    It’s interesting to note that in recounting stories of concentration camp guards the violence enacted by women is emphasised and the violence suffered by women at the hands of the German colonisers is minimised in favour of male suffering. But as you say, I think we know the reason for that.

  2. Hecuba says:

    Always, always it is about men, men and men because men according to their male lies (oops I mean mens’ definitive truths) only men are the ones who have been subjected to torture – never women! Naturally the entities who subjected these men to torture are invisible because it would upset the men if it was publicly known it is other males who created concentration camps! So instead the men claim ‘wah those Nazis were monsters – not normal mundane males.’

    The male Nazis created a concentration camp specifically for women, and this includes Jewish women, lesbian women, heterosexual women, prostituted women, disabled women in fact any woman who the male Nazis perceived was a threat to their male order.

    Missing from mens’ lies – oops I mean mens’ truths is the fact men including Jewish men and French men who claimed they were resistance fighters sexually preyed on women who were fleeing the male Nazis. These men claimed they were helping the women but in reality they were ensnaring them so they could subject them to male sexual violence.

    Yes indeed apparently those female Nazi guards who were in charge of the female prisoners at Ravensbruck were far worse than their male counterparts!! Missing is the fact those female Nazi guards didn’t have the same male power as their Nazi bros. but instead were the male Nazis’ pawns – doing mens’ dirty work. So go to root of the issue and one will always discover it is men who are the ones accountable for creating Ravensbruck and created brothels specifically so that the Nazi male soldiers could enact their male pseudo sex right to females.

    It was male Nazi Doctors who carried out degrading experimental surgery on the female prisoners – not the female Nazi guards! One last fact which men don’t want to be made public – contrary to Nazi male lies – innumerable male Nazis sexually preyed on Jewish women and these male Nazis then murdered the women and girls because they didn’t want their fascist ideology tarnished by the fact male Nazis ‘got their little dicks contaminated’ (sic) by raping/sexually preying on female Jewish women and girls!’

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