2 thoughts on “For Lols

  1. karmarad says:

    Hi, Weirdward, thanks for this look at patriarchal religion in action.

    I’ve been thinking about this fundamental problem, the intractable, passionate need of men to control society (women), a lot lately. I have looked at it from an evolutionary perspective, but this behavior also strikes me another way, as a kind of ravage of the disease of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I know four men, no women, with this illness. It is tragic. The base of it is the pathological need to control the environment in some irrational way like knocking 12 times on a counter, because death, destruction, and chaos will result if this is not done. It is an anxiety coupled with an egotism that leads to desperate measures. The person is miserable but feels this insane obligation, and knows it’s irrational, but “feels” quite certain that destruction is only one screw-up of the rituals away. The responsibility, the psychic pain, these men I know feel is incredible and I have to feel sorry for them.

    The feeling of desperation that comes from this man in your posting, his absolutism, seems so similar. I know that women also suffer from OCD but I wonder if their illnesses extend aggressively into controlling the behavior of others irrationally.

    Anyway, just a thought, and thanks for your posting.

  2. weirdward says:

    An interesting thought! Men are probably so obsessed by control because they’re pretty much taught from day 1 that they have the right to control everyone/everything around them and to get everything they want all the time. But even though men are still catered to way more than women, realistically, at some point many men butt up against reality where they don’t get everything. I mean, there was a survey a while back that asked teenage boys and teenage girls to imagine their futures, and the girls were all like, I’ll marry my sweetheart and we’ll make beautiful love and have babies; and the boys were like, I’m going to be a millionaire and have tons of hot women and own 6 Ferraris. Both are unrealistic (and incompatible!) But anyway, you can see from how the boys think that they’re entitled to everything in the whole goddam world, and that they don’t/shouldn’t have to work to get it, and I suspect the constant anxiety and need to control and use of violence to enforce control relates a lot to the fact that there’s this gap between expectation and reality that lives just below the surface of their minds.

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