Steve Biddulph, Conservative

Just for anyone unaware – Steve Biddulph is an extremely conservative, heterosexist good old fashioned family values men in the workplace women in the kitchen type. I would not advise him as an authority for raising either boys or girls. I read two of his earlier books, including Raising Boys, and it’s pretty much what one would expect – if men and women would just adhere to their proper spheres, and teach their children to do the same, then all the ills of the world would be solved. Specifically, there is a lot of focus on encouraging boys to express their ‘natural’ aggression – but in positive, manly ways like sports – and always with a male parent, since us timid wimmins is not up to the task of raising boys and do it wrong. He says outright that if boys are not taught to channel their aggression in ‘positive’ ways (whatever that means) then they will do it in ‘negative’ ways – ie they will abuse women. So, men abusing women is women’s fault for feminising boys too much. Thanks, Steve!

I agree that the sexualisation of girls is a huge problem, but I am absolutely sure, without even having seen this new book, that Biddulph’s solution is a return to the male headed nuclear family and Christian values, or some secular variation thereof. Keep our girls sweet and innocent as the good lord intended etc. Really, this quote from him tells you everything you need to know: “A girl who knows her own soul may be a gentle girl but with an iron in her that is not easily manipulated by careless boys or false friends. She will be loyal, tough, and protective of those around her. And of herself.” I’m sorry, did I hit my head and wake up in 1800? Gentle girls who guard their virtue with an iron will and love and care for all the (deserving) world around them. And no doubt marry Mr Darcy in due course, having figured out dastardly Wickam’s ways. And if they fail in this task then they are wanton and immoral and weak and it has nothing to do with a predatory male culture that victimises girls, oh no. A predatory male culture that thrives equally well in religious conservative female-sexuality-is-evil-and-must-be-suppressed-and-only-used-for-childbearing environments or bohemian libertarian porn-saturated women-belong-to-all-men environments. Like, those are the options as far as Biddulph is concerned, and he just happens to like no. 1 more than no. 2.

And I don’t get the impression Mr Biddulph is too keen on hairy dykes, but then he’s not that thrilled about gay boys either. As I recall, his advice to fathers of gay sons was something like – and I am paraphrasing here but this was the implication – oh well, you got a defective sissy boy instead of a strapping football-loving woman-fucking MAN, but try to love him anyway and make the best of it because that is what we magnanimous men do.

Seriously. This guy is toxic. Stay away from him and his creepy books.

6 thoughts on “Steve Biddulph, Conservative

  1. Hecuba says:

    But, but Steve Biddulph is a man and so of course he is an authority on how to raise ‘good; submissive girls’ who will look up to their fathers as the ideal role model of what constitutes man!

    Biddulph in his book Raising Boys claims boys are innately aggressive and dominant because they are male not female. In other words Biddulph believes ‘men are from mars and women are men’s inferiors!’

    Biddulph’s latest book is already a best seller and reason is because Biddulph is promoting male supremacist notions of what supposedly constitutes ‘appropriate feminine behaviour.’ We know male patriarchs oppose malestream media sexualisation of girls and women but these male patriarchs just want ‘their women and girls’ to be each male patriarch’s private sexual property not all mens’ and boys’ sexual property.

    • weirdward says:

      I did have a look at the book on Amazon, and read what I could on there, and…Well, results are predictable. Good submissive girls who love their daddies, blah blah. Creepy shit in there about the life stages of girls (lol – wtf would HE know about growing up female in this world) where he authoritatively states that something ‘significant’ happens – or should happen – to girls in their teens aged 14-18, and it’s not spelled out, but what he pretty much means there is a girl should ‘fall in love’ with a boy, aka should submit to male dominance, aka submit to sex, aka be raped and learn about her proper place in the world. Then he has the audacity to appropriate feminism and claim that he supports girls in their fight for equality! And then there’s some fucked up racist shit in there too, where he says that westerners need to go back to living ‘simple’ lives like the poverty stricken folks of places like Papua New Guinea and Bangladesh who are (according to him) happy smiling natives and don’t complain about shit the way white folk do (though how this fits into the narrative of making girls lives better I don’t know, cos being a poverty stricken female in the 3rd world is not exactly the funnest time ever, imo) but then later he turns the tables and says we need to NOT be like those bad places ‘over there’ where they mistreat women, and tells stories about bleeding women lined up outside hospitals in Papua New Guinea, which is apparently what will happen if we don’t all read his book and agree with it. Which kinda just shows that he has investigated the problem of violence against women in Australia and other ‘liberated’ places to the degree of zero, since I am 100% certain that if you went to the emergency waiting room of any hospital anywhere in the world you would find bleeding and traumatised women who have ended up there because of male violence, and Biddulph’s solution to this is basically that girls should be nice and love their fathers. Uh huh.

  2. weirdward says:

    Oh, also, going from the pictures in the book, all girls are white and have long hair and wear dresses and appear feminine and immaculate at all times. No mention of lesbians in the extracts that I could see – I am seriously tempted to actually get a copy of this toxic book just to see if he does actually say anything about lesbians (though I doubt it) and if so, what.

  3. I’m a parent, and he was being lauded on Mumsnet a few years ago (before my blogging days), so I bought his book.
    Nearly threw up. I tried to ignore the fact he was MAnsplaining to women how best to raise our kids.. but when I got to the part where he suggested that fathers introduce porn to their teenage sons, I’m afraid I turned it into toilet paper.

  4. weirdward says:

    but when I got to the part where he suggested that fathers introduce porn to their teenage sons, I’m afraid I turned it into toilet paper.

    Urgh, that’s gross. It was years and years ago I read that book – I admit my memory of the content isn’t perfect – though the slimy feeling I got from the reading experience is still fresh as ever.

    But if Mr Biddulph has gone all against the sexualisation of girls now, well, how does that fit into giving porn to the teenage sons?? Where are these girls going to come from who will be fed into the porn machine, hmm? I guess it will be from amongst the ranks of the poor, bleeding traumatised women standing around outside the hospitals. They’re already ‘broken’ right and not good for anything else. [sarcasm]

    Congrats on spotting the bullshit, even before you became a bad ass radfem.

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