Tell Me Again About Women’s Choices

In consequence of the Australian government’s decision to cut back on benefits, more single mothers are being pushed into stripping and prostitution in order to survive. This is what female subjugation looks like. This is what a world without feminism looks like.

Thanks to the friend who alerted me to this news article.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Again About Women’s Choices

  1. loveangellove says:

    I’m affected by these changes. And ever I have thought about what my alternatives might be. It is a scary time in Australia.

    • weirdward says:

      I’m sorry you’re affected. It’s the most idiotic policy ever – to take support away from the people (ie women) who have least, and who are trying to raise the next generation of children. The contempt is so obvious. Long term, it’s not even economically sound. There’s going to be a huge bill to pick up in areas of health, law enforcement (as in poverty stricken women and children doing what they can to survive and then getting punished for it – hellllooo Victorian England) and also other services as women are driven back into violent or unsafe living situations with men b/c they have no other options. I’m guessing that’s the whole point of this, though, to make it virtually impossible for women with children to leave men.

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