A Modest Proposal for 2013


I hereby propose that all men be thrown out of the feminist movement forthwith; to be replaced by CATS. Wimmin, start recruiting kittehs.

Scientifick study proves that Cats love Lesbians

Scientifick study proves that Cats love Lesbians

Some Background. I’ve been reading up on The Burning Times lately. In the accounts of the trials that survive, animal familiars are very frequently accused along with the witches, especially cats, dogs, mice, rats and toads. We can extrapolate what this would have meant in real life, can’t we? Mary Daly has already pointed out the diabolical cruelty of cutting down life-giving forests to build the pyres that burned the witches. So we can imagine that countless numbers of animals, both those associated with the witches, and also animals supposedly enchanted or poisoned by them, would have been horrifically tortured and killed alongside the women. Hence I say men out and cats in.

On a tangentially related note, has anyone ever watched It’s Me or the Dog? A scenario that comes up fairly regularly is that of a woman who takes her dog to bed with her instead of the husband/boyfriend. He gets relegated to the couch, and the dog aggressively attacks him if he tries to get into the bed. In some cases, this situation has been going on for twelve months or more.

Of course, this is seen as a ‘problem’ that needs to be ‘fixed’, because nothing should stop the man having access to the woman whenever he wants, right? The scenes where this issue gets discussed are always illuminating. Man says, I want my bed and my woman back, and the dog banished! Woman says, but I like sleeping with my dog. Outcome is that the man always wins. Hmm. That women-lurve-PIV story is looking a bit shaky. Because the woman knows from experience that the dog will keep the man out of the bed, and she likes to have the dog with her, and that implies fairly strongly that she approves of the dog’s man-banishing talents, and indeed that is part of the reason why she likes to have it with her. Also I am guessing a dog is more snugly than the average manz. And not a rapist. Score.

Dogs as PIV-Preventative. Love it. Dogs can join the Movement too.


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