Oh the Irony

The absolute irony of men – male feminists and male allies; so called, wanting their money back because they in their infinite manly wisdom believe they have not been shown due regard and respect by a lesbian feminist at a feminist film festival.

Never mind that women film makers struggle horribly and make very little money. Never mind that feminist film festivals – or feminist anything – are never going to be supported and funded on a big scale. No, apparently some of our male allies (pause for laughter) have decided that their right to dignity and respect and their right to be present in all and any space where they want to be is more important than respecting the rights of some women to have women-only space when they want it. More important than continuing to support feminists and lesbians even when those feminists and lesbians say something they happen not to like, along the lines of, would you mind stepping outside for a bit. (After showing a film about lesbian separatism, no less. Seriously, did these guys sleep through the film? Is their level of comprehension fail that catastrophic?)

In other words, men are only going to financially support the feminist movement if they have the right to be present at all times, to oversee all activities, to be involved in every discussion and decision that is made regarding women’s rights.

Fuck that shit. Dudes, get the hell out already; you are abusive controlling pricks and you are not wanted.

See more here.

[Perhaps not-my-nigel women were also asking for their money back? The article doesn’t make it entirely clear. If so, not-my-nigel women I have written a special article just for you and you can find it here]

3 thoughts on “Oh the Irony

  1. MarySunshine says:

    Did any of the men that left ask for their money back? They had *seen* the film. They were only *asked* to leave for the discussion.

  2. weirdward says:

    I wasn’t there, so I can only go by what Julia Long says in the article. She does state that film-goers were asking for their money back, but it’s not clear who they were (male or female – I’m assuming a bit of both, maybe?) But yes, the men were asked to leave during the discussion and NOT for the film screening, which makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

  3. weirdward says:

    From Long’s article:

    It is clear that those making trouble and “sabotaging” the festival are those who complained and demanded refunds, even though they had decided to leave entirely of their own volition. Those who “derailed” the discussion were those who refused to focus on a lesbian feminist film, but instead insisted on focusing on men, in spite of their physical absence from the room.

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