A Modest Proposal for 2013


I hereby propose that all men be thrown out of the feminist movement forthwith; to be replaced by CATS. Wimmin, start recruiting kittehs.

Scientifick study proves that Cats love Lesbians

Scientifick study proves that Cats love Lesbians

Some Background. I’ve been reading up on The Burning Times lately. In the accounts of the trials that survive, animal familiars are very frequently accused along with the witches, especially cats, dogs, mice, rats and toads. We can extrapolate what this would have meant in real life, can’t we? Mary Daly has already pointed out the diabolical cruelty of cutting down life-giving forests to build the pyres that burned the witches. So we can imagine that countless numbers of animals, both those associated with the witches, and also animals supposedly enchanted or poisoned by them, would have been horrifically tortured and killed alongside the women. Hence I say men out and cats in.

On a tangentially related note, has anyone ever watched It’s Me or the Dog? A scenario that comes up fairly regularly is that of a woman who takes her dog to bed with her instead of the husband/boyfriend. He gets relegated to the couch, and the dog aggressively attacks him if he tries to get into the bed. In some cases, this situation has been going on for twelve months or more.

Of course, this is seen as a ‘problem’ that needs to be ‘fixed’, because nothing should stop the man having access to the woman whenever he wants, right? The scenes where this issue gets discussed are always illuminating. Man says, I want my bed and my woman back, and the dog banished! Woman says, but I like sleeping with my dog. Outcome is that the man always wins. Hmm. That women-lurve-PIV story is looking a bit shaky. Because the woman knows from experience that the dog will keep the man out of the bed, and she likes to have the dog with her, and that implies fairly strongly that she approves of the dog’s man-banishing talents, and indeed that is part of the reason why she likes to have it with her. Also I am guessing a dog is more snugly than the average manz. And not a rapist. Score.

Dogs as PIV-Preventative. Love it. Dogs can join the Movement too.


Awesome Mothers Have Awesome Daughters

I live a long way from my mum. I don’t get to see her very often. I like her emails. She says cool stuff like this:

When I was a girl and reading in the sun or imagining stuff time used to seem to stand still for me and at other times would go too slow when I was wanting to be at the beach or ill, and I used to think about days without end which is how they seemed, and came to the conclusion that time is really something bigger than a clock with which we measure it and that all that stuff is just invented to give lazy man a structure and guidance because they could not live without it, and because their minds can’t encompass infinite thoughts so they have to build a structure man can understand and live within. For some reason I did not have trouble with the concept of infinity, eternity or timelessness, other worlds and universes experiences etc, and tried to understand these things and to read books about them and see evidences of them in the world round me. I often remember borrowing books from the adult section and the teen section when I was nine and ten when Mum took us to ——- Library and the librarian woud say to me they were not suitable and I would not understand them, but she let me take them out all the same bless her. I had already been through the set of children’s encyclopaedias Mum got for us so I was not a beginner by then either.

Such awesomeness is to be expected since this is the same mother who backed me up when I said aged fourteen that I was never going to get married or have a boyfriend. This was at a family gathering, and of course there was the usual chorus of, oh, you’ll change your mind and fall in love and find your prince and blah blah blah, and I was like, no no no, and my mum was like, well, I don’t think there’s a man out there who’s good enough for her anyway.

Luckily though there’s lots of awesome women.

Misogyny Kills

Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at King Edward VII hospital in London and mother of two, has been found dead in a suspected suicide after transferring a hoax call from Australian DJs pretending to be members of the royal family. A man and woman, Michael Christian and Mel Greig, were able to obtain sensitive and personal information about Kate Middleton’s condition (she was in the hospital suffering from pregnancy related illness) which was subsequently broadcast to the public on Australian radio. Read the full story here.

This is not the first time the station in question, 2DayFM, has pulled a woman-hating stunt. In a previous incident in 2009, radio presenter Kyle Sandilands harassed a 14 year old girl live on air about her sex life until she admitted that she had been raped when she was twelve. To which he replied, “Right…Is that the only experience you’ve had?”

This horrible story is really a perfect example of how no woman is safe from being subjected to misogyny in this world; not even a woman who is a member of the royal family. Kate Middleton’s privilege and position did not protect her from being stalked and ridiculed; from having the personal details of her life broadcast to the world at large to be laughed over because she had the misfortune to be ill and in pain whilst pregnant.

And even if Christian and Grieg didn’t know that their prank, if successful, would result in suicide, it surely wouldn’t have taken much to work out that the hapless nurse involved would probably be severely disciplined and lose her job and her professional standing, at a time when the UK is suffering the worst recession since the Great Depression and work is already very difficult to find. Really the casual cruelty to which both women were subjected, because these DJs thought it would be funny to dupe and publically humiliate them, just about defies belief.

And now two children have been left without their mother 2 weeks before Christmas, and Kate Middleton must somehow come to grips with the fact that a woman died over this, when I’m sure it’s the absolute last thing she would ever, ever want.

Oh the Irony

The absolute irony of men – male feminists and male allies; so called, wanting their money back because they in their infinite manly wisdom believe they have not been shown due regard and respect by a lesbian feminist at a feminist film festival.

Never mind that women film makers struggle horribly and make very little money. Never mind that feminist film festivals – or feminist anything – are never going to be supported and funded on a big scale. No, apparently some of our male allies (pause for laughter) have decided that their right to dignity and respect and their right to be present in all and any space where they want to be is more important than respecting the rights of some women to have women-only space when they want it. More important than continuing to support feminists and lesbians even when those feminists and lesbians say something they happen not to like, along the lines of, would you mind stepping outside for a bit. (After showing a film about lesbian separatism, no less. Seriously, did these guys sleep through the film? Is their level of comprehension fail that catastrophic?)

In other words, men are only going to financially support the feminist movement if they have the right to be present at all times, to oversee all activities, to be involved in every discussion and decision that is made regarding women’s rights.

Fuck that shit. Dudes, get the hell out already; you are abusive controlling pricks and you are not wanted.

See more here.

[Perhaps not-my-nigel women were also asking for their money back? The article doesn’t make it entirely clear. If so, not-my-nigel women I have written a special article just for you and you can find it here]

Hierarchies, Power and Empathy

Men have a vested interest in maintaining the current system of unequal power relations between men and women. Women need to understand this. It’s very dangerous for women to assume that men are coming from the same place that women are coming from, or that the way women view the world is the same way that men view the world.

For example: there are some women who think that because they are white women who can see that they have white privilege, and that racism exists, and wish to bring these things to an end, that men are capable of being brought to a similar understanding about the oppression of women.

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Time for a Timely Quote; or No More What About teh Menz

What happens when men enter women’s feminist spaces? Dale Spender did an experiment to find out, and published the results in Man Made Language:

Present at the discussion, which was a workshop on sexism and education in London, were thirty-two women and five men. Apart from the fact that the tape revealed that the men talked for over 50 per cent of the time, it also revealed that what the men wanted to talk about – and the way in which they wanted to talk – was given precedence.


There is no doubt in my mind that in this context at least (and I do not think it was an atypical one) it was the five males and not the thirty-two females who were defining the parameters of the talk. I suspect that neither the women nor the men were conscious of this. There was no overt hostility displayed towards the females who ‘strayed from the point’, but considerable pressure was applied by the males – and accepted without comment from the females – to confine the discussion to the male definition of the topic.