Men Occupying Vaginas

Since there is a conversation happening about woman-hating Facebook pages, I thought I would share this example – one of the oh so witty Occupy Vagina pages. This is pretty much a porn-as-politics page; pretending to be all about women’s rights by virtue of posting lots of degrading images of women and yucking it up. Disturbingly, there are also what might be called family orientated photos on the page of mothers and babies and the like; right alongside the porn. Because posting photos of babies alongside photos of half-naked women being strung up is, like, totally okay right?

This Occupy Vagina concept isn’t new; it’s about the level of humour and political engagement you’d expect from rapetastic dudes.

Women already know that men occupy our vaginas against our will; physically, legislatively, psychologically and photographically.

Creating a movement to occupy vaginas is, in fact, all about men being men, doing what men do; i.e. stalking, raping and fetishizing women. In this regard, it is not shocking or surprising, though it is more evidence of the fact that men hate women and will go to any lengths to co-opt and defile all and any attempts women make to gain control of our own bodies. Oh yes, and the obvious reducing women to sexualised body parts and refusing to see us as fully human. Which is one of the reasons why we need feminism in the first place, yes? In other words, these dudes and their little porn-haven are part of the problem, and are not even close to being part of the solution.

Don’t even get me started on the offensive idiocy of the pink ribbon symbol – which is about breast cancer – being incorporated into the Userimage Pic. How is an agenda for men to occupy women’s vaginas anything to do with breast cancer?

Here is my advice. If you are a man who believes he has the right to occupy women’s vaginas, you are an actual or incipient rapist. Please go and turn yourself in to your nearest police station right now for the safety of all women. Thank you.

If you are a woman who likes and supports this page, you are enabling rapists and rapist mentalities. Good luck with that. Contact me in ten years and let me know how that’s worked out for you.

Warning: Examples from site behind cut.

It’s funny to stalk and photograph women in public!

Sure, dude, give your learned opinion on this woman’s body.

Torture as leisure

Hey baby girl, if you turn your head to the left you’ll see what these men have planned for your future

Any excuse for porn

Final note: You can read Facebook’s Community standards here. Specifically, take note of this: Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and imposes limitations on the display of nudity. At the same time, we aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.

And also this: Sharing any graphic content for sadistic pleasure is prohibited.

Would any of the photos seen here count as pornographic content? Are they being shared for sadistic pleasure? So men can get off on images of women being bound and tortured? Seems to me Facebook should just stop pretending they care about their own rules at all, and admit that as long as the hatred is against women, it is entirely acceptable.

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