A quote I found in a 1980s article about international feminism, and the relationship western feminists should have to ‘third world’ issues:

As for ideological unity, western feminists must acknowledge that ‘poltical issues’ such as the racism in South Africa and human rights in South Korea are feminist issues and that they must take priority over others such as lesbian rights.

Uh-huh. Because lesbians being raped, beaten, murdered, tortured, imprisoned, forced into heterosexual marriages for survival, excommunicated by family members and communities, forced to live double lives or lives on the margins of society, being made to undergo unwanted sex-change surgery is neither a human rights issue nor a women’s issue nor a feminist issue nor a political issue. Apparently the enlightened lady who wrote the article is still active today as a UN representative on international women’s issues, and is active with quite a few other women’s organisations as well.

I wonder if she has ever apologised for saying this, or changed her position?

3 thoughts on “wtf

  1. Hecuba says:

    In reality it is lesbian feminists living in these so-called developing countries who are demanding their right to have their sexual orientation recognised and respected, not western feminists attempting to impose their view on lesbian women living in developing countries. But female handmaidens of men’s male supremacist systems are always used by men to make false claims concerning western feminists.

  2. Barbara Di Bari Visconti says:

    Scary. I wonder if she has any idea that corrective rape of lesbians is a problem in South Africa. Or if she does, if she thinks it’s important.

  3. weirdward says:

    I think it is more of the usual BS – women’s rights, and especially lesbians’ rights, should come last, after everyone else’s issues have been addressed.

    And yes Hecuba, it totally ignores the fact that lesbian feminists are at the forefront of feminism in countries all around the world, including those designated ‘developing countries’ (what an awful phrase that is!) fighting for their own and other women’s rights.

    Barbara – I know – how utterly arrogant to imply through ignorance and omission that something like mass corrective rapes is not a human rights issue.

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